Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Can't Stop Laughing...

So I finished a new messenger bag tonight for my big ETSY update.

You know how a picture sometimes sparks an old memory?
I was going for a pair of those glasses that has the nose, moustache and eyebrows attached. However it looks a bit more like one of those guys you would see on a police motorcycle; and it immediately reminded me of the movie Super Troopers. Meow ;)

Uuuh.....Ma'am do you know how fast you were going back there??
haha still funny.

Then I just ended up getting distracted by the Magnifying Glass.

I'm like 5 years old :)

I found some cute vintage goodies today that will be going up on Etsy as well. One of the items that I found I'm going to be doing something unconventional with, I just have to figure out how! Wish me luck.

XO. Kyla

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