Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Surprise!

So I just popped onto my lunch break and got
my usual emails from ETSY, and peaked around my fave sites.

My altered Bubble Gum Machine is featured online at

Excited :)
I can't belive this magazine comes from Calgary.
It is absolutely beautiful and so full of great artists and ideas!
Thank you Janine!!

There is a new Storque article all about traveling.
Mike picked some of the places he would like to visit;
Calgary AB Canada made it on his list.....

AND my little Miss Jelly Toast was featured!

There are some lovely pieces in this article - Check it out!

Etsy Finds: Been Around the World

** Buh Bye litte Miss Jelly - You are off to a new home.
Thanks for your article on Storque Mike**
XO. Kyla


  1. i found your blog via FN and i am just in love with it!! cute lovlies in your etsy, and your Flickr will be a source of inspiration for sure!
    thanks! i'll be visiting again.

  2. Shaina,

    Aww well thank you so much! It's slowly developing into something I'm excited to post on each day.

    I have a big update coming up for my Etsy, and all of the new goodies usually get a sneak peek in the blog first. I'm excited you'll be back to have a look.

    I really appreciate you checking out my blog :)

    Xo. Kyla