Sunday, August 16, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

Happy Sunday All!
I was finally able to load the majority of my pictures off of my camera I finished a ton of stuff this weekend and have a weeks worth of pictures to thumb through.

I found an amazing item at the thrift store!! I think only Leigh Ann will be excited. Honestly like a day after you found your Gumball machine my V Villiage had a giant stand up one, it's like over 4 feet tall I presume. It was old, scuffed, heavy and REALLY dirty.

However I gave it a healthy coat of beautiful Robins Egg Blue spray paint, and now it's holding my knitting! I rolled yarn balls for about an hour just to fill it up; and the locked change drawer is now holding my needles.

I'm in LOVE!

XO. Kyla


  1. WOAH!!
    This is super sweet! I think a craft store or indie shop should use a row of gumball machines to offer rad supplies at random! :) Imagine, Buttons, Yarn Balls, Vintage Letter Pieces in a plasticball... I'd go broke! Your gumball makeover is AMAZING! I'm so inspired! :)

  2. This is so awesome! I saw them (teeny tiny) one my iPhone via flickr, and I thought to myself - I have to comment how awesome that is - so here I am! lol SOOO AWESOME! Great colors too!

  3. Thank you ladies!!!

    Honestly If I could live in a land of Gumball machines and Cupcakes I totally would.

    Oh my gosh, do you imagine?! I would go to a store like that every day, or somehow find out how to be employeed there...or get locked in...or loiter aimlessly whatever gets the job done.
    haha :)