Thursday, August 13, 2009


So my updates are a little on hiatus because my computer is taking a little vacation and doesn't want to upload anything

It's also causing my Etsy to seem very boring as you can't add anything withought pretty pictures. I'm aiming for a part of the update for Monday :) Fingers crossed.

Our office has a little internal newsletter, and I was chosen to be the featured employee this month. I though the write up was very sweet, and I'm totally flattered!
Who’s That Girl???

Although Kyla’s walkin’ and talkin’ to the tune of Electric Feel by MGMT getting to know her a little more for this profile has evoked a little of Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi for me.
I was a little OMG’d about how much she’s got on the go and how we’ve got such a creatively cool person working with us here at SI.

To be honest, I only wanted to profile her after I found out she’s a natural blonde; but soon found that she was an excellent choice for many other reasons. Kyla joins us from an arts background; she graduated from ACAD, with the skills for photo journalism and an artistically entrepreneurial spirit. She sells some of her works online at under the guise of OneLate Night.

Her site and portfolio includes anything from mixed media works and
delightful embellishments to paintings of flying pigs… but no cupcakes

Truth be told, if she could make cupcakes for every event, she
would. I don’t know who’d stop her but okay. Those who joined us at the Stampede BBQ were undoubtedly impressed by her hamburger cupcakes. If you missed out, there’s a picture of it somewhere but it doesn’t do them justice.

I’m always intrigued by people who have a lot on the go but don’t oversell – maybe that’s why I’m doing the oversell in this profile. I’m just inspired when people embrace their potential to contribute to their workplace and city. Way to represent - girl, you need to let your light shine!

If you can’t get enough of her… she helps with birthday parties at Gymboree – but it might be awkward if you don’t have kids, but she sure can sing a lullaby!

After my little interview, H checked out my shop and bought my flying pig.
I hope she loves it. I know its at a great home!

XO. Kyla

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