Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stampede in Calgary Has Come To An End

What a long and busy week. I fractured a rib or two, and dislocated my shoulder.
However all is back in place again; just a little sore. My doctor recommended that I go for a few drinks...but warned against riding the mechanical bull!
Incase you don't know what Stampede is
It's a two week long carnival/festival. We have bands, and a huge assortment of rides, a midway and millions of people coming from all over the world to partake in the events. We also have daily bull rides, chuckwagons and a large grandstand show with fireworks each night!
If you have ever heard of Calgary, AB Canada you most likely have seen a picture of a Cowboy. This is the only time large amounts of pictures surface so we look like we ride horses to work, live in stables and love the wild wild west haha.
I do suppose that it is better than the time someone asked if we lived in igloos and wore parkas when I went to Germany haha too cute.
Anywho I did not attend the Stampede this year, but we had our annual staff party at a bar instead. We tried our best to look the part so we busted out our Moustache bandanas...and some indie plaid. I think one person in our office wore a Cowboy hat...
I opted for my pirate belt buckle! Cause as you may not know:
"Ninjas and Pirates agree that Cowboys suck"
haha only sometimes <3
Here are a few pictures from the event

I think the Sepia makes us look a little more country, dontcha think?

.......Now where's my shotgun?

Driving to our destination, you always need some car pics!

My brother being his regular charming self...Sup ladies?!
I made like 60 chocolate and 60 Vanilla cupcakes for my staff BBQ this was from like 3:00am the night before.
mmm Savory or Sweet?!

Some of the final cuties. Mini Cupcake Burgers!

These really confused some of the guys at our office haha
The last one for good measure. Cause every girl should be a princess some of the time!
Also...I can't seem to get any pictures off of my Rebel but I went to the old bookstore today and found some gorgeous goodies! Some of which are going to be mailed out to some lovely ladies within the next few days :)
xo. Kyla.

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