Monday, July 20, 2009

Somebody Needs A Nap!

Oh goodness...
So today I proceeded to sleep in until 5:00pm in the afternoon. Seemed like a really good idea until I woke up and realized I kinda wasted my entire day.
It's now 5:14 am, and I have not gone to sleep. I have to be at work for 6:30.
This was a really bad idea haha.
Have you ever fallen asleep sitting; and somehow your head bobs and you wake yourself up? Or your head tilts back and your mouth just magically opens and you sit there...
Then you eventually wake up and think "oh man" I hope nobody saw me!
This will be me at my office today. It's happened before..and I assure you someone is bound to notice me today crap!!
However I did make this cute treasury this morning...

Also this is a text I got a few days back from a friend of mine when it was literally raining so bad I drove up a street, and it was like a full on amazon waterfall. I had to pull over. It was rediculous.

SO! The sun is coming up..and my alarm just went off.
Well no hitting the snooze button this morning I'm already up....still.
Today might be bad..haha
XO. Kyla


  1. I

    Back when I lived in Cali, my friends called me the Sleep Snob, because I would set aside time for naps, hahaha. But yeah, afterwards I feel like the day is wasted, but I LOVE to sleep. It must be a family thing, because my sister is the same way. She and her boyfriend would plan out very elaborate nap dates. They would pick a beautiful park and bring pillows and blankets and munchies for when they woke up, then they'd just nap. But they would try and figure out the best time of day to go according to the weather forecast, and which trees to nap near, making sure it wasn't a tree that was going to shed. Intense nappeture.

  2. Oh My gosh!

    Planned napping in a park would be amazing.

    I just love the idea of jumping into bed with millions of pillows and a great fluffy blanket. Having to close your blinds because you know it is light out..makes it all the more fun to sleep in the middle of the day. I feel sneaky haha.