Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Craft Room Progress.

So for the weekend and a little bit of last week I have been filling up and organizing all of my craft items. 25 years worth of stuff has been stuffed into my tiny bedroom.

I have been able to reclaim the room in our house that provides as the "dumping ground" or where we hide all of our junk when company comes over.....

funny thing is the door is glass haha.

Anyway it's not done yet. I think I just buy things to I can organize it and never use it. I was told that once... I think they were right :)

Here are a few pics of the mess before and the progress.

The Mess before - It was taking over my dining room


New Simple Shelves..and a Diet Coke for good measure!

A bevy of buttons! Way more to organize.

Heidi Swapp Tape! I dont want to use it cause it looks to cute in here!

However I need to and the one I want is at the bottom...I'm now procrastinating.

Also I found out on Friday that Ikea no longer makes this jar...they have one sorta the same but it's frosted really what is the point?

These pictures are pretty vauge. The room is looking spectacular! I didn't want to give it all away at once.

XO. Kyla

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