Monday, June 29, 2009

Sunday Picture Stash.

Just a few quick Sunday Loves before I hop into bed!

Some cute gift wrapping, for my Tic Tac Toe Game!!
Happily travelling to Australia right now.

New Tic Tac "Sew" I worked on this one today.
Up in Etsy sooooooon.

Love these custom pillows!!
I'm glad Jessica let me just make whatever I wanted for her :)

That I can't seem to locate my dog, and I find her like this.

Hidden in my sheets.
"If I stay realllly still, maybe she wont see me"
haha this picture of my parents and I.
Oh the perms!
How every child beach picture I have; my bathing suit at least half way up my bum...
and I dont seem to care.
"Fix my water wings, I got some waves to ride!"
When you clean out everything that ever reminded you of someone, and gave it all back.
Then you find this folded inside your baby picture album.
....just when you think you can't cry anymore.
I'm glad Sunday is over.

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