Saturday, June 27, 2009

A post from one sleepy lady!

I had the most amazing day ever!
Dispite the super sweet farmers tan I now have the privilage of rocking... hawt!

I'm on the Social Committee at my office, and we decided it would be nice to create a really sweet patio out on our back "porch". It's a complete surprise to the office!
Firstly let me say we are not in the nicest of it's a little sketcy at times. All of the items are basically attached, glued, or chained to an unmovable object after these pictures were taken. It's sad...but I would like everything to still be there on Monday.
We decorated, and build everything below; my dad was very excited to lend me each and every power tool I might need to accomplish this..
I also made about 4 trips to the office...which is on the other end of the city from me transporting paint, lanterns, wood, tools..and a giant lattice attached to the roof of my toyota camary.
haha guys...non employees at the home depot were falling all over themselves trying to help put all of the wood in my car.
Might I add that I looked like I just rolled outta bed, and picked up something that didn't smell too bad off of my floor....cause well I did. It was like 7:00 am it's not uncommon. lol
It was kind of awesome! Not that I couldn't handle it myself by any means...but they were sweet, and I in turn had to do no heavy lifting it was great.
Anyway here are some pictures
The Deck before...this was the first table we built...pretty awesome? We know haha.
Dont you love our plastic red fabric wall..and glorious train track and dumpster view?
Jealous? thought so :)

The After!!
New flower pots with sunflowers, and some other goodies. There are actually three. 2 benches, and a table...which can be another bench if needed. The lanterns are the cutest.
Also do you LOVE the wall coverings?
Spectacular! They are actually vinyl shower curtains from Wal-Mart. That is what sparked my whole color scheme. I'm giddy about them. And they are no longer showing those ugly ripped red things. I used my Crop-a-dile to add gromets onto the edges to tie them down...haha can never take the crafting out of the crafter.
I bet you're asking yourself...Gosh Kyla were ever did you get that amazing area rug!?
I will come to your house and draw one on your driveway just for you.
Sidewalk chalk fo' lyfe!
haha . That is all. It just better not rain until after Monday!
Love Love Love.
XO. Kyla


  1. This is so nice of you guys!!! Your office will love you :) And the "area rug" made me grin ;)
    So cute!
    LA :)

  2. I really hope they do!

    I'm really excited about it. I was bouncing around all day! Plus I got to use the electric drill also a highlight.

    hahaha I couldn't stop talking about the "area rug" I didn't even care about the rest of it...i just wanted a rug haha.