Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Eat Your Heart Out Tom Selleck!

So while at work I took a much needed brain rest and hopped onto etsy.

When I logged in I was greeted with a lovely surprise. One of my altered projects was included in the Etsy finds email, as well as a Storque article. Not just included the Main Picture Banner.

I did a little dance, no one in my office was as excited. haha I dont blame them I'm not sure they knew what I was talking about.

But that is ok, it was a much needed boost :)

Also I was looking at Decor 8 this camera is AMAZING. I acted as if I was made of money last night, and just bought it. With a large amount of film too.

Gosh, I have some epic goodies coming in the mail. I just got my Urban Outfitters box which is an accessory bonanza, and now I'm waiting on my RVA and this camera.

I <3 today...and Moustaches obviously.

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