Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Addiction *hoot*

I would just like to note that the Nintendo DS is like the most addicting thing on the planet.
I love LOVE it.
I bought this Nintendo DS for my bro for Xmas last year...and it has been sitting in the box up until about 2 weeks ago, he already had one and I totally forgot about it.
So all in all as I was waaaaay past the return policy date I kept it.
...and bought a GORGEOUS protective cover for it.
Owls and Woodgrain? Love it!

The cover showed up in the mail in like 3 days. It was amazing. Me and this little baby are attached at the hip.
I'm trying to play Yoshi's Island. I'm stuck on world 4 of all places. I'm having a little bit of a spaz.

All in all best purchase ever, even if it wasn't originally for me and it's been left unopended for about 6 months...but that's besides the point!

Happy Gaming!
xo. Kyla

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