Thursday, May 28, 2009

Firstly, I would like to say that I am officially the worst blogger ever.
I have the attention span of a bug....ooooh shiny.....

Anyway that last few weeks have been really busy. My puppy Jersey got better, then 100 times worse within a span of 2 days, ive been a little bit of a mess. However today she had a bath and jumped in and out all by herself, I'm so very proud of my little cutie.
This is not an optical illusion, do not adjust your screen. She does only have 3 legs :)

I did an ETSY Shop update as well with some of these adorable frames. I'm addicted I could make them all day!

Also as a side project, I'm really excited to be contributing to 2 seperate give aways!

Firstly, in keeping up with my love of Photography I have been asked to contribute some of my Little Felt Camera's

to a lucky winner on Pics and Kicks for a Summer give away. Check out Natalies blog she takes some beautiful pictures!!

Secondly I'm making some Clipboard frames for a gift basket with proceeds going to this wonderful little boy Zachary. You can check out his cause here

I hope everyone is having some lovely weather, and I think I might post a double tonight.

xo. Kyla

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